Come through to APIDME Fall Welcome in the Arc Ballroom until 5 pm! Stop by at the Mga Kapatid table! (at UC Davis ARC)

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Come check out Mga Kapatid’s table at the MU every weekday from 10am-2pm! You can also catch us during APIDME today at the Arc Ballroom from 2-5pm! We’re a fun bunch and we don’t munch!

Happy Birthday to my rave mama and HS best friend! Too bad I couldn’t celebrate with you last night, but I hope you had a blast! Catch you at Fullerton! #FriendshipGamesOct24Weekend #MuchMatching

Looking forward to working/hanging with these beautiful, talented, and weird people. Let’s make this year a great one! #mk2la #mkbretreat2014 #FilAmIceBreakersOct2 #MK1stGeneralMeetingOct15

"Follow your dreams and be yourself because sometimes it’s hard to be a llama." - @archayy #mkbretreat2014 #mk2la

I’m always with these two in every event in the past, so I was really happy to see umma and appa in wonderland 👪

#BeyondWonderland2014 was beautiful. Shoutout to the amazing people I got to spend my first Insomniac, 2 day, multistage event, and best rave I’ve been to so far ✌️❤️🙏🙌 #Baeyond #FindTheMarylTotem

Happy 21st Birthday Big! Hope you like peach 😋🍑 #malaquacks #areindependent

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